Posted by: yasha82 | August 26, 2010

Lucky Barbecue

Summer Holidays are coming to an end, but the fun here just begins. Come join our Barbecue party. Grab a sizzling game from the grills and call your friends to join. Check your wish list, there’s a great chance that they are now available at a lower prices. There are quite a few good games, too, that have been released between Chinese new year and summer, if you have been considering them, now’s a good time to take the plunge.

Come to the Bargain’s Section and grab a bite. You can have your roasts in huge bites, or you can have a nibble and come back for more, and of course, your are welcome to stay for the whole duration. The sale starts now (26th August) and ends on September 2nd.

Of course, as a proper party, there won’t just be food, there will be fun and excitement. Come enter our Lucky Draw. It’s easy, so totally come and participate. Just buy something from our Bargain Section and there you go, into the lucky draw. Your name gets entered into the draw for every product, so the more you buy, the more chances to win. The winners will be announced at the end of the bargain. This summer, we have store credits, lots of them:

1st Place:US$ 250 store credit
2nd & 3rd Place: US$ 150 store credit
4th to 10th Place: US$ 75 store credit
11th to 25th Place: US$ 50 store credit
26th to 50th Place: US$ 20 store credit



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