Posted by: yasha82 | January 27, 2011

New Item

XBOX Repair Parts

XBOX SPU-3141 Philips Laser Lens


XBOX SOH-D16 & D14 Samsung Laser Lens

XBOX Modchip

Aladdin XT 4032 untk Xbox v1.0-1.6c


Evox M8_Plus BIOS (LBA48-06/IGR)
Play all backups
Play all homebrew
Play all original imports
Run Debug Executables
LBA48 Hack
Big hdd support
Embedded In Game Reset (IGR)
Compatible with all Evolution X software
No-patch hack
Eject trick hack
Auto patch new media flag titles
Support for XBOX v1.6
Works on all regions
Two boot modes; Off & On
Additional bridge point
Socket for flash
Can be flashed (upgraded)
Open tool design
Compatible with Aladdin family programmer;
Compatible with xbox v1.0-v1.6C version;
supports online games;



  1. Jual Aladdin XT 4032 untk Xbox boss?

    • @ macanhoki: Lg kosong bro modchipnya

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